A brand you can feel good about supporting: 

JOI YOGI was created out of community for the community. The company would love to use proceeds from its line of eco-friendly, artistic yoga products to make yoga more accessible to distressed communities and disadvantaged youth such as teens in the foster care system. This vision is continuously evolving and JOI YOGI would love to partner with YOU if you have any great ideas on how best to serve your local community through yoga.  JOI YOGI has donated hundreds of yoga mats to schools in low income neighborhoods across Southern California and plans to continue making similar donations into the future.




Partnerships and collaborations with incredible artists:

JOI YOGI is the beautiful alternative to toxic yoga mats.  Many of JOI YOGI's products feature photographs or artwork created and designed uniquely for use with yoga.  JOI YOGI is proud to have Suzy van der Velden as its featured artist and designer.  Her experience as an artist includes designing for the yoga industry's top apparel brands.  Suzy's custom artwork is created 100% by hand for JOI YOGI mats and towels.  Learn more about Suzy here.



Our commitment to your health and the environment:

How healthy is your yoga mat?  Yogis are starting to wake up to the fact that PVC yoga mats are toxic and harmful to themselves and the environment. Thankfully, there is a renewable and sustainable alternative - 100% Natural Tree Rubber! Not only is this material naturally recurring and recyclable, the performance of these mats is far superior to their toxic peers! JOI YOGI is committed to using only the highest quality, eco-friendly material in its products.  When possible, JOI YOGI uses recycled material as well.


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Together, let's spread the JOI of a healthy yoga practice! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we encourage each other to renew our hearts and minds through yoga and serve our community while doing it!