Introducing JOI YOGI Featured Artist and Designer Suzy van der Velden

Born in The Netherlands, Suzy studied fashion design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. For the past 9 years she has been designing across a broad range of products in the action sports and active wear industry, both in Europe and North America. While she has created designs for leading yoga apparel companies in the past, JOI YOGI is her first opportunity to design artwork for yoga mats.  In her work she aims to deliver unique art, creating each piece by hand using a wide range of techniques. Suzy enjoys traveling, camping and shooting black & white film in her spare time.





Here is a recent Q&A with Suzy van der Velden:
Can you describe the way you create your artwork?
I go about my artwork in a very organic manner and create everything from scratch by hand. The challenge of finding new ways to create fresh and surprising art is why I love what I do.


What brings you inspiration?
My inspiration is usually fueled by nature and it's never ending beauty. For this project we worked with tropical influences and textures that are reminiscent of skies or oceans. 


What did you like about working on this project?
I love what JOI YOGI is standing for and I'm thrilled to be able to be a part of it in this way. 


Yoga mats featuring artwork hand designed by Suzy become available in Spring 2018, including these three JOI YOGI Eco Fusion Series mats: