The Yoga Industry's PVC Problem

How Healthy is Your Mat? 
Did you know that most yoga mats are made from an extremely toxic compound?


PVC is considered the most toxic plastic, PERIOD.  Here’s why.  Vinyl chloride, the chemical used to make PVC, is a known human carcinogen according to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Awareness is ramping up.  For example, parents are taught to keep PVC shower curtains away from their babies!


These curtains are known to release chemicals that can cause developmental damage as well as damage to our liver and central nervous system, as well as our respiratory and reproductive systems. 

Since we know how dangerous PVC is, why does the yoga industry continue to produce millions of PVC mats every year?  The answer can be seen in the fact that yoga is now a $16 Billion dollar industry and many of our favorite yoga brands have now been purchased by private equity firms who care more about profits than your health.

Even though PVC is toxic, it is cheap to make and as a result the price point for PVC mats is lower.  That is why nearly every yoga studio buys hundreds of cheap PVC mats and rents them to their students.  Don’t be fooled by the brand of the mat that you are renting.  PVC is PVC!  

Thankfully, JOI YOGI offers eco-friendly, beautiful alternatives to toxic mats.  Don’t spend another precious yoga session breathing in harmful chemicals from your PVC mat and switch to a natural alternative today.

Buy a beautiful, eco-friendly yoga mats or towel from JOI YOGI today. But don’t stop there.  Spread the word to your fellow yogis about the dangers of PVC and ask your yoga studio to start offering eco-friendly mats to their students.